Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Department of the Army Field Manual

by Scott Perry on 11/11/11
Saturday: Book of the Week
Dept of the Army Field Manual FM 21-150, Hand to Hand Combat, June 1954.
Carrying concealed is NOT the ultimate protection system and should not be considered unless you are under the threat of death or serious bodily harm. You need to think of your personal security in term layers. One of these layers should be should be a form of self defense. FM 21-150, Jun 1954 was publish after WW 2 and contains only the techniques that worked against arguably America’s greatest enemies on the conventional battlefield: The Germans and Japanese.
All self-defense techniques require practice and more practice. Most importantly, the techniques in this manual can get you hurt and cause legal trouble if applied improperly. PSA is on no way responsible for your decision making process in a conflict, but $19.00 @www.military-info.com it’s not a bad investment.


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