Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Gun Owners

Today, I wished to define who gun owners are, but more importantly who gun owners are not. Gun Owners are like most traditional Americans are destiny thinkers and yes, destiny thinkers come in all genders, sizes, races, creeds, etc. Gun Owners are not non-destiny thinkers who look towards government or an institution for help in their daily lives. Non-destiny thinking is subjugation of the individual’s will or a person’s destiny. Non-destiny thinking desires to classify and define the perceived injustices of this world. Non-destiny thinking would have us believe that youth is the cause of maturity, maturity the cause of old age, that the bud is the cause of the full-blown flower, the caterpillar the cause of the butterfly. Large bodies of work belong to this type of thinking in the western tradition: Hume, Bacon, Schopenhauer, Hamilton, Spencer, Mill, Bentham, Locke, Holbach and Descartes. All of whom are way out of my intellectual league. So, I will leave you with this question: Was that unknown minuteman who fired that first shot on the Lexington green a non-destiny subjugated pawn or a free man of destiny willing to die because a government taxed his favorite breakfast drink?

Most Gun Owners believe from the bottom of our hearts: All problems are can be solved between our ears. We want to solve the injustices of this world by starting within one’s self, one’s family, one’s neighbor and community. These are my thoughts: What’s yours?


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