Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Hi, my name is Scott and I’m a Gun Owner recovering from extreme Socialization

Last week I defined gun owners as people who think regarding destiny and take charge of their personal lives. I don’t mean for anyone to think non-gun owners are the not people of fortune. My view is everyone’s life unfolds, and destiny revels to them individually and culturally, non-gun owners included.  For example, if Napoleon had not had Carnot as a Minister of War, then, France would not have invaded Italy, and both France and Napoleon would NOT have embraced their destinies, but instead left their futures to fate. Fate and Destiny are opposites. Fate is outward incidents which classify and define a single moment in a much more significant cultural framework. Destiny comes from within one’s soul.  Your gut tells this is the right thing to do or you feel the same rhythm as the neighbor does on a given issue. Think of it this way: A lesser man as France’s Minister of War would have played it safe and buried Napoleon’s bold plan to invade Italy in a filing cabinet. Thus, France and Napoleon would be up to the fate of the Crown heads of Europe.  Every person has to decide if they want their future’s directed by someone else or themselves. It’s difficult to be a person of destiny in a Society with the weeds of rationalism, materialism, and usury all around you, but we are Amer I- CANS and a destiny mode living can be achieved if we will see it to be.  Have gun will travel


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