Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Hi,my name is Scott and I'm a Gun Owner in recovery from Western Civilization

Many of my more liberal friends can’t get their minds wrapped around the second amendment. And yes, I have liberal friends whom I value uncommonly much. They are just misguided, and they say the same about me. Most conservatives and liberals alike believe that seizing the apparatus of power- government, army, police, press; education- guarantees the continuance of power. I think this type of thinking is a political non-entity.  All of America seems to believe this now from small town USA to Washington. In philosophy, we have become a materialist and cannot understand that visible facts are only the manifestation if invisible spiritual movements.
To the extent that we have become materialistic in our religion and philosophy, we are non-revolutionary.  Our ancestors who fought the American Revolution were wholly non-materialistic and revolutionary, being entirely dominated by feelings, and always acting from their opinions. Our ancestors were Americans first and political partisans second (gun owner or non-gun owner alike).  Change still comes from within, and no entity can gain enough control of a government apparatus to change a spiritual world-view of people. While political parties can obtain a temporary victory, their victory is short-lived if their actions go against the will or spirit of the people they govern. While the impulse to own firearms may be waning for some members of society, it’s alive and well for those of us who feel the rhythm of the second amendment.   Have gun will


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