Monday, January 25, 2016

Your choice of weapon for self-defense speaks volumes about your commintment to minimum force

At PSA, we believe a revolver is your best investment for Personal Protection for the following 25 reasons:

1-The revolver is the safest weapon ever made.

2-Low Maintenance.

3-Exteremly reliable.

4-Quick and easy to draw.

5-If you have been trained on one revolver, you have been trained all revolvers.

6- Fewer shots needed to training.

7-A shooter has a greater choice in caliber of rounds.

8-If weapon misfires, just continue to pull trigger.

9-Anyone can shoot a revolver.

10-First time shooters will find the revolver to be a natural fit and easy to shoot.

11-Loading a revolver is idiot proof.

12-Revolvers are made quicker and easier.

13-No safety or quick triggers.

14-Revolvers  cost than other weapons systems.

15-Revolvers are better weapon for instinctive shooting under stress. (PSA teaches instinctive shooting)

16-Revolver looks less aggressive which makes the weapon system more jury-friendly.

17-A shooter can buy a grip which fits their hand.

18-Can be in one’s pocket for better concealment.

19-Can be carried in your pocket year round.

20-Less expensive to shoot.

21-Natural weapon for pointing.          

22- A new shooter cannot grip improperly.    

23-When just waking up or being in a state not fully alert, a shooter can still use the revolver.

24-A lot of stopping power in  a small package.

25-After a shoot, safer to transport.                            

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  1. The greatest weapon against stress is our
    ability to choose one thought over another. See the link below for more info.