Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Why does Personal Sercurity Academy train their students for a active heart rate of 175 beats per minute?

Teaching deadly force is an art based on real-world experience and a working knowledge of the law. An Instructor just can't stand up in a classroom and regurgitate the proposal during a 2-hour block of instruction with expectation, a student with no previous decision-making experience can make the right choices.  We train our students to accept the fact they are going to making life-changing decisions under great duress. We teach our students to understand fear is a natural reaction. The real task is to channel fear into a potential threat. At Personal Security Academy, we give our student such a method to work thru the fear and preserve life. A technique our GIs were taught during WW 2 which worked to help defeat arguably the most imposing conventional enemy the United States ever faced: Germany and Japan.
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