Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Security Questions every Homeowner needs to ask -



 Are all exterior entryway doors solid wood or steel?

The front door has a peephole or modern smart doorbell?

All exterior entryway doors have deadbolt locks with minimum

1-inch penetration of door jam?

All exterior entryway doors have strike plates securely fastened

with a minimum of 3-inch screws?

All sliding doors secured with rods, dowels, and/or screw locks?


All windows checked for fully functional locking mechanisms?

Sliding & large windows secured with rods, bars, and/or screw locks?

Windows reinforced with security film?

Security grills or bars installed in basement and egress windows?


Street address well illuminated and clearly visible from the curb?

Walkways and paths leading to home/business well lit?

Motion-activated exterior lights near all home,

business, and outbuildings entry points?

Interior lighting in various rooms set with timers?

Are window locks checked for fully functional locking mechanisms?


All tools stored inside? Especially ones that might appeal to opportunistic criminals?

Garage door and remote openers never left in car?

Automatic and/or mechanical doors disconnected if away for extended periods?


Have you introduced yourself/made yourself known to all neighbours?

Do you know all your neighbour's addresses?

Are you a member of neighbourhood or community watch groups?

Do you call the police when you see suspicious or potentially criminal activity?


Do you have an alarm system?

Do all adult or responsible family members and employees know how to activate and

deactivate the alarm?

Does the alarm have a reliable backup power source?

Do you have a smart doorbell?


Trees trimmed to maximize visibility?

Strategically placed hostile vegetation such as thorny bushes placed near windows

and fences?

Trees groomed as to not allow easy access to second-floor windows and balconies?

All gates and fencing regularly closed and locked?

Scheduled grooming and maintenance of yard, property?


Plan for mail and newspapers during absence?

Ask trusted friends, family, and/or neighbours to watch home/business?

Friend, family, or service maintain lawn care and snow removal while away?

Recheck and set timers on interior lighting while away?


Do you own a dog?

Do you have a beware of dog sign? Even if not a dog owner?

Have you designated a secret hiding place or safe for valuables?

Have you properly documented and insured all valuables?

Bikes put away and/or locked up?

Own personal protection firearm?

Obtained a conceal carry permit? Get your concealed carry permit. 

Gun safety and training courses?


Install and regularly check smoke/carbon monoxide detectors?

All meds and poisonous substances properly stored with child-proof lids?

Outlets are not overloaded with excessive items/voltage plugged in?

Outlets are not emanating warmth?

No wires or cords are frayed or in need of repair?

No cords run across doorways or heavily trafficked areas?

Regularly check the dryer and remove lint from the screen?

All windows open quickly from the inside?

Keep all small appliances unplugged when not in use?

Emergency rope ladder for upper floors?

Back up heat source? 

Address easily visible at all times for emergency responders?

Are outside vents and filters cleaned and cleared regularly?

Flashlights and candles easily accessible? 



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