Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Biden's Blunders - your Wallet, Front Porch & Personal Security



There is an alarming trend taking place-

Where it seems not a month goes by without some government employee betraying the U.S.

A U.S. counterintelligence agent is now helping Iran.

This counterintelligence agent was in the military and station in the Middle East.

While station in Iran, the Agent began to believe that the U.S. was "bad" and that action was needed to convert to Islam and go help Iran take down the U.S.

The Agent eventually defected to Iran and now giving them a ton of intelligence secrets that will undoubtedly hurt our nation.

Many times, we catch these traitors, and they get sentenced to jail.

However, their sentences are usually too light.

We need much firmer and that anyone caught betraying the U.S. gets the firing squad.

Yes, that might sound harsh, but no mistake, this American is deadly serious.

The U.S. needs to take espionage against us much more seriously and let the world know that anyone caught shall receive a death sentence.

That might get people to think twice before selling secrets that could harm our country and get other operatives killed.

Even worse, sure, everyone has heard about the crisis at the border.-- no wait, "the challenge" at the border

Ever since Biden became president, everyone thinks they will have no problem entering the country illegally.

For a foreign spy, a great way to enter the country is with all the illegal immigrants where the spy can blend in.

Once in, the spy can find all the people needed to recruit for Russia, Cuba, China, etc.

Of course, it is not just foreign spies who blend in and sneak through the border; it is gang members and violent criminals.

The border crisis will get much worse in the next 60 days, and there is going to be a flood of foreign spies and dangerous criminals entering our country.

Stay alert - Train and retrain

Source: Jason Hanson 



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