Monday, March 22, 2021

Avoidance is the first line of self-defense - every time!


An older driver is on a road trip-

While we travel from city to city on planes, trains, and automobiles, sometimes concealed carry is not allowed, but concealed carry is allowed in other places.

Plus, since we are puddle-jumping around, not wanting to take the chance of the airline losing bags, which (surprise, surprise) has happened to many of us before.

That is why 1911 is not on the hip, and Sig P365 is not in the pocket.

There are always pocket knives as an alternative.

Carrying around a heavy-duty metal, flashlight could easily ruin someone's day.

The most important thing we use is our head and staying out of trouble with all that said.

An older driver pulls out in front of someone because they thought the guy's turn signal lit up.

It turns out the signal was not on and cut the guy off –

Not happy, and while no one is a natural lip reader, intuitively understood the message and how much the cut-off guy admires the older driver as the honking horn goes by.

It becomes noticeable the cut-off guy starts to follow, maybe to a favorite restaurant.

While turning into the shopping center where one wants to eat at the favorite restaurant cut-off guy turns in too.

No matter how many turns made cut-off guy is right behind the older driver.

While continuing to make turns and finally zipped out of the parking lot and back onto the main road, the older driver lost the cut-off-guy.

Never to be seen again, and there is another restaurant – no big deal, the older driver thinks to himself.

Knowing some guy in his 20's reading this post will send a message or a post along the lines of:

"you are such a wimp; I cannot believe you did not fight the guy."

Let us assure everyone that the 23-year-old who sends the message has maybe never been in a fight and has never been in a dangerous situation in his life.

Sure, yes, the driver could have parked the car at the restaurant.

The cut-off guy in his truck could have blocked in the driver.

A fight could have ensued, and without sounding too bold, the older driver, no doubt I could have handled the cut-off guy and come out on top.

Then what?

wait for the police to come and take a police report-

The cut-off guy could end up suing the older driver-

Or punch the older driver and ended up injuring the driver all over an honest mistake-

This American has no problems with violence, as long as it is the last resort.

We should all always try to avoid it, but if we cannot, we will make sure we are the ones going home back to the family that night.- IE the flashlight

This writer encourages everyone to avoid danger at all costs, but always stay alert and prepare through training when we can.

Train Safe - Train Honestly 

Source: Jason Hanson



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