Thursday, January 5, 2023

Another Bear Trap for Gun Owners: local codes and ordinances (Personal Security Training)


Incorporated towns and cities across the United States have been using codes to practice gun control to reduce gun violence and improve public safety in theory.

Towns and cities have implemented gun control through code by enacting local ordinances that regulate the possession, carrying, and use of firearms within city limits. These ordinances may prohibit certain types of weapons, such as assault rifles or high-capacity magazines, or impose requirements on gun owners, such as mandatory background checks or training courses.

Another way towns and cities have used code to practice gun control is by implementing zoning regulations limiting the location of gun stores and shooting ranges. These regulations may aim to prevent gun stores from being located in certain areas, such as near schools or residential neighbourhoods, or require that shooting ranges be located a certain distance from other buildings or structures.

In addition to local ordinances and zoning regulations, towns and cities have also used code to practice gun control through building codes and safety regulations. For example, many municipalities require that gun stores and shooting ranges meet specific safety standards, such as installing bulletproof glass or implementing security measures to prevent theft.

While gun control laws and regulations can be controversial, many towns and cities believe they are necessary to reduce gun violence and improve public safety. By using code to practice gun control, towns and cities can tailor their regulations to their community's specific needs and concerns rather than relying on state or federal laws that may not adequately address local issues.

Using code to practice gun control is essential to public safety in many towns and cities. By enacting local ordinances, zoning regulations, and safety standards, towns and cities can proactively reduce gun violence and improve their communities safety.--- in theory.

Here's an example of local codes practicing gun control from Chapel Hill, NC:

It is unlawful to display a firearm by persons consuming or under the influence of alcohol or drugs at any polling place or public assembly. It is also unlawful to open carry or display a small handgun. Furthermore, weapons are prohibited on town buses, taxis or limousines, and on town property.

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