Friday, July 21, 2023

Carrying Concealed at NC Public Schools


North Carolina prohibits possessing or carrying firearms on educational property, including public school grounds. However, there are some exceptions and considerations. Here are some key points related to carrying handguns on public school grounds in North Carolina:

  1. General Prohibition: It is generally illegal to possess or carry firearms on educational property, which includes public school grounds, according to North Carolina General Statute § 14-269.2. This prohibition extends to both concealed and openly carried firearms.

  2. Exceptions for Law Enforcement: Law enforcement officers are generally exempt from the prohibition and are allowed to carry firearms on school grounds, whether on duty or off duty.

  3. Exception for Educational Purposes: A limited exception exists for firearms possessed or used for educational purposes, such as firearm safety instruction or authorized school programs. However, this exception typically requires prior approval from the school administration or appropriate authorities.

  4. Concealed Carry Handgun Permit Holders: North Carolina law allows for concealed carry of handguns with a valid Concealed Carry Handgun (CCH) permit. However, the law specifically prohibits carrying concealed handguns on educational property, including public school grounds.

It's important to note that laws can change over time, so it's always recommended to consult the North Carolina General Statutes and check with local law enforcement or legal professionals for the most current and accurate information regarding carrying firearms on public school grounds in North Carolina.



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