Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Home Defense with a Revolver


In Salt Lake City last month, a dramatic home invasion unfolded that showcased the bravery of an 85-year-old woman. The elderly resident was abruptly awakened by an intruder who menacingly pointed a gun and a flashlight at her while she lay in her bed. The criminal forced her out of bed, handcuffed her, and then made her sit in a wooden chair in the living room, where he restrained her further.

The assailant demanded to know the location of her valuables, threatening her life in the process. Under duress, the woman disclosed the presence of two safes in the basement, though she warned they contained little value. Seizing an opportunity when the intruder went to check the basement, she moved her chair back to her bedroom. There, she retrieved a hidden .357 revolver and brought it back to the living room, concealing it nearby.

The woman acted decisively when the intruder returned, angrier and more threatening than before. She fired two shots, striking him each time. Although the intruder managed to shoot back, injuring her, she survived the encounter, while he did not.

This incident not only highlights the woman's remarkable courage but also poignantly reminds us of the effectiveness of revolvers for home defense. For those considering enhancing their home security, now is an apt time to consider adding a revolver to your arsenal.



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