Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Fraudulent Scammer Indicted- Chinese National Indicted for Allegedly Defrauding Elderly Missouri Woman of $95,000


A Chinese national has been indicted for allegedly defrauding a 79-year-old Missouri woman out of $95,000. Dongyi Guo, 27, was charged in the U.S. District Court in St. Louis on May 8 with one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud. Guo has pleaded not guilty to the charges.

The indictment details a scheme in which conspirators targeted elderly victims through phone calls and electronic messages, deceiving them into handing over large sums of cash. Guo and other couriers were allegedly paid to collect the money from these victims.

In this case, scammers contacted the elderly woman in Knox County, Missouri, posing as representatives from financial institutions and the Social Security office. They convinced her that her accounts had been compromised and that she needed to pay cash to secure her funds.

According to the indictment, Guo collected $40,000 from the victim on March 4, $35,000 on March 5, and $20,000 on March 6. He was arrested on March 7 while attempting to collect another $15,000.

The conspiracy charge carries a potential penalty of up to 20 years in prison and a fine of $250,000 or both.

It is important to note that charges in an indictment are accusations, and the defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

The Knox County Sheriff’s Office and the FBI conducted the investigation. Assistant U.S. Attorney Derek Wiseman is prosecuting the case.

If you or someone you know aged 60 or older has been a victim of financial fraud, contact the National Elder Fraud Hotline at 1-833-FRAUD-11 (1-833-372-8311). Managed by the Justice Department’s Office for Victims of Crime, the hotline provides resources and referrals and assists in reporting fraud. It operates Monday through Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. ET, with services available in English, Spanish, and other languages. The Federal Trade Commission also offers a consumer complaint hotline at 877-FTC-HELP and a website at

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