Wednesday, June 5, 2024

Defense Ammo: Boat Tail Round


George and his wife, residents of Santa Ana, California, are gun owners. One morning around 4 a.m., a 23-year-old man left a nearby detox center, telling the staff that he was seeing "demons." Shortly after, he broke into George's backyard, then moved to the front door, banging on it, ringing the doorbell, and demanding to be let inside. The commotion woke George and his wife. The intruder eventually broke down the front door and headed for the stairs to the second story, where George was waiting with a gun. Despite George's warnings to stop, the man kept advancing, and George shot him in the chest. George's wife called 911, and the intruder died at the scene. George told the police he feared for his and his wife's safety. The Orange County prosecutor ruled the shooting justified, stating that a homeowner has the right to protect themselves from an intruder threatening their safety. He noted the tragedy of the situation, emphasizing the collision between a person seeking help and a homeowner protecting his family. George's actions underscored the importance of having a good defensive weapon, such as an AR-15, for home defense. Regardless of the firearm, the type of ammunition is crucial, and a boat tail round is a good option. This type of bullet tapered at the back like a boat, improves the ballistic coefficient, enhancing accuracy at greater distances by minimizing air interference.



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