Scott Perry



  1990 Graduate—UNC at Chapel Hill, Bachelor of Arts Degree

  1988 Graduate—COA, Associate in Applied Science Degree

  1979 Graduate—Perquimans County High School


Civilian Work Experience

1995 to Present—Organized as Limited Liability Training & Security Corporation

  1991 to 2011—Department of Correction, Division of Community Corrections

          Duties: Performed Supervision and Training 

          From 2005 to 2010, I worked in the community college system and taught corrections to other officers and as well as worked casework for 16 years.


Military work experience

Four years Active Duty, United States Marine Corp.

Seventeen Years Reserve (retired)

         Duties: Security and Infantry  


Military Training

  1999—Unit Armorer Course

 1998—Small Arms Firing School (instructor & range master school)

 1997—Unit Supply School

 1996—Total Quality Management

 1987—Primary Leadership School

 1984-Recondo School, Camp Makall (second phase Special Forces Q-course)- Instructor Col. James Nick Rowe

  1984 Super Squad 8th Marine Regiment

 1983—Squad Leaders School


Military Awards

  1983—Citation from the Vice-Admiral of 6th Fleet for Superior Performance while serving in Beirut, Lebanon

 1984—Good Conduct medal

 1985—Honorably Discharged


Correctional Awards

2001, Advanced Corrections Certification

2008, Master Firearm, Self-Defense and Baton Instructor


Professional Boards

1994-98, Governor’s Crime Prevention Board

1994-01, Chairman of Sentencing Services


Civic Membership

Sons of the American Revolution ( past Chapter President)

Veteran of Foreign Wars Post 6060 ( life member)

American Legion Post 84 (life member) - current Commander

National Rifle Association ( life member) 






Division of Community Corrections


Instructor Training

  2010-  NRA Basic Pistol Instructor   

  2010- NC Concealed Handgun Instructor 

  2009   Unlawful Workplace Harassment Instructor

  2009-   CPR Instructor

2009-    Infectious Diseases Instructor

2009-   Train the Trainer (PREA)

  2008—Staff Inmate Relations

 2008— Monadnock Expandable Baton Instructor

 2008—OC Pepper Spray Instructor School

 2007— Monadnock Advanced Baton Instructor

 2007— Monadnock Straight Baton Instructor

 2007—Smith & Wesson M&P 40 cal Instructor School (transition training)

 2005—Control and Restraints Defensive Tactics Instructor School

 2000—OC Pepper Spray Instructor School

 1999—Less than Lethal Defensive Tactics Instructor School

 1997—Named Wellness Coordinator

  1997—Firearms Instructor School

  Qualified to teach S&W Revolver, Ruger Mini-14 and 870 Shotgun   

 1997—Unarmed Self Defense Instructor School

 1995—Named District Training Coordinator

 1995—General Instructor School








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