Sunday, May 30, 2021

Push yourself everyday: Mentally & Physically



Most people probably do not know the name Larry H. Miller unless they live in Utah.

Larry is dead now, but he was one of the most successful businessmen ever in Utah.

He was a former owner of the Utah Jazz (during the Stockton and Malone era), and he owned over 40 car dealerships.

Larry's autobiography is called Driven.

On page 238 of the book is the following quote-

"The worry I have with having nice things is getting dependent on them and not having the toughness to survive without them."

Larry was a billionaire.

So many people live dependent these days.

That is why we need to push ourselves-

It might be a strenuous workout routine-

Alternatively, going camping with nothing (no tent, sleeping bag.)

It might be hard manual labor in the blazing sun at the shooting range to fix a bunch of stuff-

It might be sitting in a cold shower-

It might be hand-to-hand combat training and come away with some nice-sized bruises.

Nevertheless, never be the guy who cannot survive because the Wi-Fi is down or because Uber took longer than 3 minutes to pick us up (even though I do not use Uber.)

The point is, every single day, society becomes softer and weaker-

What are we doing to ensure our physical and mental toughness?

What are we doing to ensure that our households will barely skip a beat when the lights go out?

Or that when the economy collapses, it will be an inconvenience and our world will not wholly shatter?

Just a little food for thought today.

I'm going back to reading the book since I am only a little over halfway done.

And then I will think of something to do today to put even more hair on my chest.




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