Sunday, May 16, 2021

Water - Can't live without it


There are a few survival supplies that are needed to have a ton of backups.

Drinking water for one's self and the family is undoubtedly one of them.

Here is a nice wish list for on hand water -

-multiple water filters

-55-gallon drums full of water

-cases of water from Costco

-propane survival stoves to boil water

And also, the Datrex emergency water pouches.

Here is a picture of the Datrex Pouch





The pouches are small and contain just 4.227 ounces of water.

When it comes to freshwater, these are the last resort item after someone has gone through the larger containers at home or on the move.

However, these are perfect if someone is on the move.

Several of these pouches in one's bug-out bag and only had to rely on them one time- bury the empty pouch and keep moving.

If one does put these pouches in the bug-out bag; make sure not to put them near anything sharp. (ask me how I know)

One can buy these in cases of up to 64 pouches.

It is not a bad idea to get one of these and then to spread the pouches between all the bug-out bags for various family members, which is what we should do.

Bottom line, if we ever felt like we are were going to die of thirst-

Then, one understands why there are so many different ways to clean water for the family and continuously add to more water backups.





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