Friday, September 3, 2021

Camping with the family -- from Jason Hanson




Today, I’m going camping…


We went camping last weekend too, but only the older kids and I are going this time.


The older kids wanted to leave the “babies” at home, and my wife was more than thrilled to stay home and do not have to go camping again.  


So, now that it’s just the older kids and me, this means I’ll have more time to test gear.


Whenever I buy gear, I always buy extras to have spares I can test or just to use camping in a non-emergency.


For instance, not that far from the campsite, we are going to is a small stream.


Once I get there, I will head over to that stream and scoop up some water.


Then, I will use some of the Israeli water purification tablets I have to purify the water.


Yes, I have several different ways to purify water in my Escape Bag...


But I haven’t used these Israeli pills in a while when camping.


The exact name of these tablets if you want to get some are: Taharmayim Israeli Water Purification Tablets.


These tablets have been used for over 20 years by the Israeli Defense Forces.


Each tablet will purify 1 litre of water, so you’ll need four tablets to purify a gallon of water.


Once you drop the tablets in the water, you should wait about 30 minutes and then you can start drinking.


These tablets kill all the usual nasty bacteria found in water that can make you sick.


You can buy these in boxes of 50, and they won’t take up hardly any space in your bug out bag or other survival kits.


Now, here’s the main reason I test and use my gear when I go camping…


Let’s say that the tablets didn’t work (I know they do), and I got sick from drinking out of the stream.


Well, a non-crisis situation is a good time to figure out that your gear doesn’t work and you need to get something else.


The first time to use your gear is not during an emergency, because what if it fails you then? (not good)


So, definitely consider testing some of your lifesaving gear from time to time and maybe spend a few minutes doing it this weekend.


Enjoy your Saturday.

Stay safe,


Jason Hanson


Former CIA Officer


Editor, Spy & Survival Briefing


Editor, Black Bag Confidential


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