Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Gun Run from Jason Hanson, editor of Spy & Survival Briefing



A while back, some of my relatives stopped by… 


These are relatives I actually like, not the ones I try to avoid.


One of these kinsfolks is a 21-year-old girl who’s looking to get her first gun for concealed carry.


Naturally, this topic excited me…


So, I took her over to my gun safe and opened it (I’m pretty sure you could hear angels singing) so she could try out different guns.


A few included…


A Sig Sauer P226


Smith and Wesson M&P


Walther Creed


Springfield 1911


Sig Sauer P250


Canik TP9


Glock 19


CZ 75


Springfield XD


Sig Sauer P320


Walther PPQ


After handling the guns, she’s pretty sure she’s going with the Walther Creed, which is an excellent choice. (I love the trigger on the Creed.)


But, here’s what I told her to do first…


Since she had to leave shortly, I told her to go to her local range and shoot the Creed to make sure she really loves it.


And, if she does, give me a call so I can get her the gun at cost and save her some money.




Well, it’s my favourite way to make a little extra cash, be a little more prepared in life…


And, of course, to have an excuse to buy more guns for the “Hanson Family Arsenal.”


You won’t make a fortune with what I’m about to tell you, but I can show you how to make a little extra – $1,200 a month or more, if you so desire.


It does take some work – not that much – but I know the word “work” scares off anyone under 30…


Which is good news for people like you and me.


So, if you want to (legally) “gun run” for fun and profit, let me show you how I’ve done it.


Even if you only make an extra $500 a month, I’d say it’s still worth it.


But, that’s obviously for you to decide. 


Go here if you want to check it out.


It’s pretty cool and gives you access to untold amounts of guns and gear that mere mortals can’t touch.



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