Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Choice is clear: Taiwan


The United States has long been known for its ability to project power and intervene in global conflicts. This power projection is not just a tool for military might but is also necessary for maintaining free trade and the status of the World's reserve currency. However, this power projection must be measured, with clear objectives, before any US intervention occurs.

The United States can no longer engage in Wilsonsion-style Foreign Policy. Creating an American-style "manufactured" democracy in another country is a delusionary form of policy. This is because many nations do not have a concept of private property ownership, a benchmark for democratic reform and the main reason the Marshall Plan worked in post-war Germany and Japan.

Furthermore, the capital needed for adventurism is not in coffers anymore, nor was it ever. Therefore, a reasonable solution is a future presence on the high seas, heavy submarine force and only a light footprint of intervention: enough intervention to allow the United States and other countries to trade freely and no more.

When picking the ethical conflict, the United States needs to choose wisely. For example, which worldwide hot spots are currently more critical to the United States, the Ukrainians or the Taiwanese? This is a hard choice, but the answer lies in the United States' strategic interests.

The United States is the breadbasket of the World, while Ukraine is the basket of Europe only. On the other hand, Taiwan produces microchips for the World, and the United States needs them to maintain its economy. The choice is evident, considering the US Army missed its recruiting goals by thirty percent, meaning fewer new troops are in the pipeline. Ukraine's only hope at the moment is a cease-fire and brokered deal.

Promptly, the United States needs more resources in the Ukrainian theatre of war, and Europe needs more will to intervene. Ukraine is out of time. On the other hand, the force can be swiftly projected into Taiwan by the United States through US Navy assets. Therefore, the choice seems clear: Taiwan.

The United States' ability to project power is necessary for maintaining its status as the World's reserve currency and free trade. However, this projection must be measured, and objectives must be crystal clear before any US intervention occurs. The United States can no longer engage in Wilson-style foreign policy and must pick the proper conflict wisely. The choice between Ukraine and Taiwan is evident, and the United States must focus on its strategic interests to maintain its global standing.





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