Sunday, April 2, 2023

Triggernomtry Part 3 (Firing the Revolver)


Firing a revolver can be an intimidating experience, especially for those who are new to shooting. However, with the correct technique and training, firing a revolver can become smooth and accurate. This article will discuss the steps in firing a revolver once you have the grip and first joint on the trigger.

The first step in firing a revolver is to ensure your grip on the gun is secure and comfortable. Your hand should be wrapped around the handle, with your fingers on the trigger. Your index finger should rest on the trigger's first joint, ready to apply pressure.

The second step is to align the revolver's front sight with your target. The front sight should be centred on your target, and your focus should be on the front sight. This is crucial for accuracy.

Once you have the proper grip and sight alignment, the next step is to apply smooth and consistent pressure to the trigger. It's essential to keep the front sight buried in the middle of your target while you smoothly, cleanly, and quickly press the trigger. This process takes practice, and avoiding jerking or sudden movements that may impact accuracy is essential.

Recoil management is another critical aspect of firing a revolver. Recoil is the backward momentum generated by the gun's firing, and it can impact your accuracy if not managed correctly. The push-pull method is an effective way to manage recoil. This technique involves using your dominant hand to push the gun forward while using your off-hand to pull the gun back. This helps to control the recoil and keep the gun on target.

Training to fire two rounds is a standard for minimum force in deadly force situations. Arguably, one can defend someone with no more than two rounds, which is the legal standard. Training in firing two rounds is essential to become proficient in this skill.

Firing a revolver takes practice and technique. The grip, sight alignment, smooth trigger press, and recoil management are all essential components of this skill. By following these steps and training regularly, you can become proficient in firing a revolver accurately and confidently.



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