Friday, April 2, 2021

Detection every time- who needs a lie detector?




There are several ways to detect lies, but the easiest is called "The Freeze."

Let's say that one is out to dinner with a large group of people.

In the middle of the dinner, go to the bathroom, and the wallet is missing upon returning. - accidentally left on the table.

Start asking if anyone has seen the wallet.

How to detect if someone at the table is the guilty party who stole the wallet?

The innocent people would be exhibiting normal human behavior. They would want to help look all around for your wallet.

The guilty person would be the least animated.

A guilty person thinks that if they don't move, they won't attract attention to themselves and never know it's them.

But, just the opposite happens.

If 19 people at dinner are behaving normally, and helping look for the wallet, and one fellow is the least animated, then there's a good chance that he's the thief.

Here's an even better example -

While flying, someone passes gas.

It smells horrible, as if a rotting dead body were on the plane.

Everyone is looking around to find the source of the smell. Notice most of the fellow passengers are looking around.

However, one guy was to my left and a few rows up who sat frozen in his seat.

This guy was not exhibiting the expected behavior of looking around to see where the direction of the smell.

This guy was the only one not moving at all, not trying to draw attention to himself.

He was the one who needed to change his shorts.

So, the next time you want to know who's guilty, pay attention to who's doing "The Freeze."

Train Safe- Train Honestly 

Source: Jason Hanson





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