Sunday, April 18, 2021

When you need a jump - you need a jump



It just happened again-

The battery on my Chevy Suburban is dead.

No, there's nothing wrong with the battery; I don't need a new one.

It's relatively new.

So, why is my car battery dead all of the time then?

One word-


Far too often, my kids will go into the garage and grab something out of the car and leave one of the interior lights on.

Or they'll be getting out of the car, and they'll start pushing all the buttons on the lights and turn on one.

I notice it most of the time these days, but not all the time.

And this is why I have a portable jump starter in my vehicle survival kit.

I mentioned this a few weeks ago but didn't know I'd be using it again so soon.

The exact one I have in my kit is the Rugged Geek portable jump starter.

The Rugged Geek is a bit bigger than a cell phone, but it's powerful enough to jump-start your car.

I have used it to jump-start my Suburban, my Ford F-250 truck, and even a boat.

It also has many USB ports, so you can plug items into it that needs charging, like a cell phone or laptop. (It's a power bank on steroids.)

I recommend you have a portable jump starter for your car.

But that's just one of the items you need in your vehicle operations kit.

I think you'll love one of the items in the kit that allows you to drive away – virtually undetected – from anyone that might try to track you.

Plus, I talk about the best "trunk gun." that's a beauty too.

Enjoy the rest of your day, and hopefully, your kids or grandkids won't kill your battery.

Source: Jason Hanson


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