Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Staying powered up during blackouts or brownouts-


One way of keeping things powered is by a car battery in the cargo box, allowing one to have lights inside and power devices such as a phone, laptop, etc.

However, don't use a regular, cheap car battery to get this power.

Instead, use the Optima Yellow Top batteries.

These are AGM (absorbent glass mat) batteries.

These batteries are spillproof and will last a lot longer than your average car battery. (As much as three times longer.)

Of course, since they are higher quality batteries, they are not cheap.

For example, you can go to AutoZone and buy a car battery now for around $75 if you wanted to.

But, the Optima Yellow Top batteries run about $280.

The hefty price difference, but worth it to invest in quality, in most expert's opinion.

Mainly because they have used Optima Yellow Top batteries for all sorts of things such as-

-powering your RV

-hooked up to my winch to tow cars onto my trailer

-used as my battery bank to get power for devices during a blackout

And more.

If one decides to get the Optima Yellow Top batteries, consider buying a quality battery charger.

Try a Schumacher battery charger.


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Source: Jason Hanson 



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