Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Does America now fit the definition of a Colony?



A colony of a super-state refers to a territory or region controlled and governed by a more significant, powerful state or country. The super-state exerts its influence and authority over the colony through various means, such as military force, economic ties, and political manipulation.

Historically, colonizing powers have established colonies for various reasons, including acquiring new resources, expanding their empires, and spreading their cultural and political ideologies. Colonies were often created violently, with the colonizing power using military force to conquer and subdue the native population. The colonizers would then impose their own laws, customs, and governance systems on the colony, often leading to widespread exploitation and oppression of the indigenous people.

In modern times, the concept of a colony has evolved somewhat, with many countries seeking to establish more cooperative and mutually beneficial relationships with their territories. However, the legacy of colonialism continues to shape the global political landscape, with many former colonies still struggling to fully achieve independence and autonomy.

Despite advances in international relations and the recognition of the principle of self-determination, the existence of colonies remains controversial, with some arguing that they represent a form of neo-colonialism or imperial domination. Others, however, view colonies as an integral part of a globalized world and an essential means of promoting economic development and cultural exchange.

Regardless of one's perspective, it is clear that the concept of a colony has played a significant role in shaping the modern world and will continue to be an important issue in international relations for years to come.

As for the USA becoming a colony of China -----well? The Trade Deficit hurts.

The United States has become increasingly economically dependent on China, and this dependency could potentially lead to dire consequences. For years, the USA has relied on China for various products, ranging from technology to clothing, resulting in a massive trade deficit. In 2019, the US-China trade deficit was estimated to be $420 billion. This shows the extent of the USA's reliance on China for goods and services. The US's dependency on China is a cause for concern, as it gives the Chinese government significant influence over the American economy. Chinese companies have been able to take advantage of American markets, while US companies are often blocked from doing business in China. This has harmed US businesses, as they cannot compete on a level playing field. Furthermore, the USA also has to contend with China's growing economic power. China is now one of the world's largest economies and has used this power to its advantage in negotiations with the USA. In recent years, China has used its economic leverage to extract concessions from the USA, such as lifting tariffs on Chinese goods.



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