Saturday, February 18, 2023

Why Premier Xi wants the average American Disarmed and Defenseless


It is a well-known fact that China has always had an interest in the political and economic affairs of the United States. This interest has only increased recently with China's growing economic and military power. In particular, Premier Xi of China has been making headlines with his apparent desire for the average American to disarm and no more excess to small arms. This has led many to wonder why the leader of a foreign country is so interested in how America is governed and why he wants the government to change its gun laws.

To understand Premier Xi's motivations, it is essential to look at China's history and the teachings of its most famous strategist, Sun Tzu. Sun Tzu is perhaps best known for his book, "The Art of War," which outlines his philosophy on military strategy. One of the fundamental tenets of this philosophy is that all great generals win without fighting. In other words, a successful leader can achieve their goals without resorting to violence or conflict.

This philosophy has informed China's international relations approach and desires to establish itself as a global superpower. Premier Xi sees the United States as a potential threat to China's continued rise. He believes that by disarming the American people, he can help ensure the country remains peaceful and stable. This aligns with Sun Tzu's teachings on controlling the enemy without resorting to force.

Premier Xi's concerns about American gun ownership are also linked to other issues that China is grappling with, including illegal immigration, fentanyl, and spy balloons, according to recent Chinese Military propaganda. These are all issues China sees as threats to its security and expansionism. For example, China is concerned about the flow of illegal drugs into its country. It considers the United States a significant source of fentanyl, responsible for many overdose deaths in China. China is bringing drugs, immigration and spying to the United States, but for the sake of argument, the Chinese people are told the United States is the culprit. Premier Xi may believe that by disarming Americans and limiting their access to small arms, he can help reduce the flow of illegal drugs into China and stem the tide of drug-related deaths. And Xi may be as crazy as our own president.

Similarly, China is concerned about the potential for spy balloons to gather intelligence on its military and economic assets. Premier Xi may see American gun ownership as a threat in this context, as it could make it easier for individuals or groups to obtain weapons that could be used to carry out espionage or other nefarious activities. And Xi may be as crazy as our president.

Finally, Premier Xi's desire to see the average American disarmed may also be linked to his view of the United States as a declining power. China has long seen the United States as a competitor for global influence, but in recent years, it has become increasingly confident in its ability to challenge America's dominance. Premier Xi may believe that by limiting Americans' access to guns, he can help accelerate the country's decline and strengthen China's position on the global stage. - Eureka!

Premier Xi's desire to see the average American disarmed and for no more excess to small arms is rooted in a complex set of geopolitical and strategic considerations and propaganda. These considerations are informed by China's history, its strategic thinkers like Sun Tzu, and its current concerns about a range of issues that it sees as threats to its security and expansionism. While it remains to be seen whether Premier Xi's efforts to influence American gun laws will be successful, it is clear that China is deeply invested in the future of the United States and the World more broadly. The question remains: Is America dying the death of a thousand cuts? Only time will tell.



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