Friday, February 17, 2023

The revolver is still the best choice for tight spots


Crime attacks can happen at a moment's notice and often occur at close range. In these situations, a revolver can be a better choice for self-defence than a pistol due to its ability to function effectively, even when there is no time to get a proper grip, stance, or sight alignment.

One of the key advantages of a revolver is its ability to fire even when pressed against another body. This is because the cylinder of a revolver is separate from the barrel, allowing the hammer to strike the primer of the cartridge even when the gun is pressed against something. In contrast, a pistol's slide must be able to move for the gun to fire, making it less reliable in close-quarters combat.

Additionally, a revolver's simple design eliminates the need for a safety switch, which can be difficult to manipulate in high-stress situations. The lack of external safety can be a safety issue, but for self-defence in close ranges, it is more important to fire quickly and effectively.

Furthermore, a revolver's double-action trigger pull can provide greater control, especially in close-quarters combat. This allows the shooter to fire quickly and accurately, even if the gun is not in a proper grip or stance.

Revolvers also tend to be more reliable than pistols. They have fewer moving parts and don't require magazines, so there's less chance of a malfunction.

In conclusion, a revolver can be a better choice for self-defence in extreme close ranges because of its ability to fire even when pressed against another body, lack of a safety switch, double-action trigger pull, and reliability. It is important to note that a revolver is only sometimes the best choice, and different self-defence situations may require another type of weapon. It is essential to understand the capabilities and limitations of any weapon you carry and practice regularly to become proficient in its use.



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