Monday, February 13, 2023

Personal Security Concerns for Realtors


As a realtor, showing homes to clients can often involve entering unfamiliar properties and encountering unknown or potentially dangerous situations. Some realtors may face unique security concerns while performing their job, such as experiencing squatters in an occupied property or never having been to a residence before. Realtors must mitigate these risks with non-lethal and lethal self-defence tools and tactics.

One common security concern for realtors is the possibility of encountering squatters in an occupied property. Squatters can be unpredictable and potentially violent, so realtors must be prepared for any situation. Realtors should consider carrying a non-lethal self-defence tool such as pepper spray or a personal alarm to alert others if they feel threatened.

Another concern for realtors is entering a property for the first time without knowing the layout or potential hazards. To mitigate this risk, realtors should always research the property before their appointment and, if possible, arrive early to inspect the property and ensure it is safe. They should immediately leave the property and call the authorities if suspicious activity occurs.

In addition to non-lethal self-defence tools, realtors should also consider carrying a lethal self-defence tool such as a firearm if they are legally permitted to do so and have received proper training. However, it is essential to understand that carrying a weapon does not guarantee safety, and realtors must be prepared to use it only as a last resort.

Finally, realtors can also use improvised tactics to protect themselves if they find themselves in a dangerous situation. For example, a key chain is a unique tool or a chair as a barrier between themselves and assailants. The chair legs can provide an added layer of protection and be used for striking. Think about it like you're becoming a lion tamer.

In conclusion, as a realtor, you must be prepared for any potential security risks while performing your job. Realtors can increase their safety and reduce their risk of harm by carrying non-lethal and lethal self-defence tools, researching properties beforehand, and being prepared to use improvised tactics.



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