Friday, March 5, 2021

Always sit inside and your back to the wall

I've spent some time in Europe-

And all over, there are those "charming" cafés.

Everyone loves sitting outside the café on one of the tables on the sidewalk and munch on their croissants.

But not me.


Well, if you're an American and you're in a tourist spot overseas, I'd avoid these places and I definitely wouldn't eat outside on the "cute" little tables.

All it takes is one vehicle bomber to roll up to the popular destination, and lights out for you for good.

We don't have to worry about terrorist bombings in the US as much as other countries do-

I still wouldn't do outdoor dining.

I know of more than one person sitting outside to eat on a busy street when many protesters started coming their way.

One fellow attacked for wearing a Trump hat, and thankfully, a Good Samaritan intervened to stop the attack.

My point is, you're more vulnerable to attacks when you're sitting outside eating in some busy part of town.

And if you live in places like Seattle or anywhere else where there's lawlessness, then I definitely wouldn't do it.

Just my two cents.

The good news is if you're inside eating and trouble starts harassing everyone eating outdoors gives you time to escape to safety.

And if things genuinely get bad-well-

Enjoy your Saturday.

I'll be going out to eat tonight, and I'll be sitting inside the restaurant. (I live in a free state so that we can dine indoors right now.)

source: Jason Hanson




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