Friday, March 19, 2021

The Seven Things You Can Do Right now to Protect Yourself & Your Family



The 7 Things You Can Do Right Now To Protect Yourself and Your Family          

  1. Have your keys out and remember where you parked. Overloading yourself with packages and children is not necessary. You can take two trips, go in a group or simply do most of your shopping on-line and leave the trips to the mall for specific, targeted items.

  2. Always play Hide-And –Go-Seek. When you are out and about, casually pretend like you looking for someone who is hiding. This is an easy habit to develop, plus it signals would-be predators that you’re aware of.  

  3. Put 9-1-1 on the Speed dial. When you’re stressed, even dialing 9-1-1 and hitting “Send” is going to be near impossible. So put the Police in the number 1 position and bump your friends and family; I’m sure they’ll understand. 

 4. Don’t answer any questions. Questions like, “Do you have the time?” “Do you have a cigarette?” and “Can you give me directions?” are all meant to distract you while your assailant closes in on you. Be polite but keep moving away from them. Don’t stop for anyone! Remember, like you, the person in question can always call the police or go into a store to get help.      

 5. Trust your instincts. That gut feeling you have is there for a reason. Your subconscious is constantly at work, so listen to that little voice in your head. The worst-case scenario is that you spend a little time going into a public place or back into the bar. But don’t deny your instincts, and don’t let “reasoning” talk you out of it. 

6. Know where you are. Could you give someone pinpoints directions to your location? What if you called the police? Could you describe your location so they could assist you as quickly as possible? Always know your surroundings. Landmarks, parking lot signs, cross streets, and cities are effortless ways to help first responders locate you. 

7. Runaway. Statistics show that if you simply run at the first sign of trouble, you will escape. Even people who were threatened at gunpoint, only 12% were even shot at, and not a single one was severely injured.  

Source: The Self-Defense Company 



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