Thursday, March 25, 2021




The average safety-driven person might think a legal weapon is all the protection needed. If that is where the personal preparedness journey starts and ends, then failure is all we can report for the loved ones.

While being able to stop a threat is essential, self-defense can prove fruitless if no quality education and training are behind the self-defense system.

That is why U.S. LawShield dedicates to ensuring members have the knowledge and skills they need before they need them.


When someone prepares with U.S. LawShield, they gain exclusive access to all of our quality educational resources, like member-only webinars, on-site training events, and tons of other essential tools and opportunities.

Because gaining critical skills and valuable knowledge from people with the first-hand experience gives our members confidence in self-defense, empowering them to act in any situation responsibly.

Moreover, knowing what to do during a life-threatening situation before it happens lets members focus on what matters: protecting those loved ones.

Get Prepared Before the Bang Here



P.S. – While we want members to feel confident knowing they have someone to call after the bang, their safety and

freedom will always be a top priority. That is why every member has unlimited access to the quality education and training resources they need to prepare for the unthinkable. Furthermore, to show our commitment to helping members stay prepared, we give new members two additional months of coverage for free upon activating an annual membership today.*




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