Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Intermediate weapons - something to consider


People receive death threats each year.
Some of them are long and rambling, and some of them are short and sweet.
Like this from a fellow traveler named Anthony, who sent this (not exactly how he sent it, I did not fix his punctuation and diction)
"I'm out; put a bullet in your head. count on it ."
Well, Anthony, most of us like our head just as it is and prefer no injuries to our head.
See, 99.99% of death threats are harmless.
They come from losers living in mom and dad's basement.
These guys have no job and no girlfriend, so they sit at the computer trying to act harshly, sending out death threats.
However, it is (obviously) the small percentage of these guys is a cause for concern.
When receiving a death threat, it is not a bad idea to notify the police.
However, the police likely will not do much about it as no crime can always process in such cases.
As usual, it is up to the individual to take care of themselves and to protect life.
Many people now carry a gun every day and pay attention to the surroundings for this reason - to protect life.
Training in self-defense and carrying an intermediate weapon are bad ideas, either.
Not every use of force situation requires deadly force.
Maybe, consider a backup weapon like a fast strike.
www.faststrikedefense.com put in promo code "PSTC" and get a 10% discount.
Even if no death threats have occurred
However, the Trump hat people wear-
Or that gun T-shirt-
Or the American flag bumper sticker-
It could trigger some unhinged person to attack a patriotic American and attempt to harm this person but not rise to the level of deadly force.
Always be aware and always avoid violent encounters.
Be prepared to defend life and family with the proper level of force and so that we can all make it back home in one piece.
Collectively personal protection is everyone's job!

source: Jason Hanson



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