Monday, March 15, 2021

Join Now! - New Zealand doesn't have an NRA, Gun Owners of America or Armed Citizens Network- but America does!

     New Zealand citizens have until this coming August to turn over many of their guns or face jail time.

The second time in the past few years, their government has forced them into a mandatory gun buyback program.

So, what do they have to turn over?

-semi-automatic centerfire rifles

-shotguns that can hold more than five shells

-.22 caliber rifles that can hold more than ten rounds

-Semi-automatic pistols that are less than 762mm in length

And more.

Also, get this-

If you have a firearm license so that you're allowed to own a gun in New Zealand, your doctor has to report to the police your "health condition" to make sure you can continue to own a firearm.

The not-so-funny thing is, all this sounds very similar to what Biden says he wants to do to guns in this country.

So, let me ask you this?

What would you do if you lived in New Zealand?

Would you line up with your guns and hand them over to the police?

I know that many people would. Most people in this country don't have the "stomach" to fight for freedom.

But it only takes a small percentage to do what's right and to support the Constitution and keep us free.

Again, I understand that it's a deeply personal question of whether or not you'd turn over your guns to the government.

But now is the time to answer that question so that you can plan.

If you choose to turn over your guns, then no prior planning is needed, and you can wait until they knock on your door one day.

But, if you're not going to turn over your guns, now is the time to make sure you have as many guns (legally) off the books as possible.

Here are some great training resources



I hope you'll defend the Constitution-

But I realize we all have the freedom to choose, and we need to pray about it and decide what is best for our family.

source: Jason Hanson




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