Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Ruger Mark IV pistol the ideal training weapon but not ideal to carry concealed


Certain guns are perfect for teaching new shooters.

And these same guns are great if a shooter has arthritis and does not have a lot of hand strength.

The gun I am referring to is a .22 pistol.

But, not just any .22.

But, specifically, the Ruger Mark IV pistol.

These Ruger .22s are easy to shoot, and most people forget that the .22 round has killed a lot more people than other calibers.

Plus, since there is almost no recoil with a .22, a new shooter can quickly get off many shots without having the recoil slow the shooter down and having to get their sights back on target.

Do not forget that the .22 is excellent for hunting small game such as rabbits and squirrels.

As a "wayward" youth, I may have taken out a few squirrels now and then with my .22.

As far as ammunition for a .22 pistol, check out CCI Mini-Mag copper-plated hollow-point ammo.

One of the most important reasons to own a .22 right now is the cost of ammo.

While all ammo prices have gone up; .22 is still a lot more affordable than other rounds.

The shooter can still do much training with .22 without breaking the bank.

So, if someone does not have a Ruger .22 or any other .22s in their collection, maybe they want to consider changing that.

The Ruger Mark IV Hunter model is just one of the guns.

Great for training- Great for Hunting- Less expensive to operate but NOT the weapon of choice to carry concealed.

source: Jason Hanson



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